Lease With The Option To Purchase 


Sign for a year Lease.

End it, or resign for up to five years. Purchase at any time if you want. PET FRIENDLY

The program is very simple: you apply and if you’re approved, they will provide you with a max rental amount and I will help you find the home you want They buy the home and rent it to you, and you have 5 years of rent certainty with only a one-year financial commitment on the lease.

And most importantly, you can buy the home that you selected anytime at a price established when you enter the Right to Purchase Agreement, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.


We believe that there are many households who may be thinking about buying a home but for whatever reason would like to rent at the current time.

 The benefit of a lease to own or lease with right to purchase program is that these households are afforded a clear path to homeownership, with rent certainty for up to five years. While leasing the home, the prospective buyers are able to gather their down payment, secure a mortgage, and otherwise prepare for homeownership.


Unlike rent-to-own programs or other lease options, there is no obligation to buy and no non-refundable option fees. Rent It Today, Own It Tomorrow

Your initial lease is for one year, so your financial commitment is limited to one year. Your lease is renewable every year for [three/five] one‐year periods, and you have the right to notify Home Partners if you don’t want to renew the lease. Your full security deposit will be returned as provided in the lease if you decide to leave the home at the end of a lease period and have been in full compliance with the lease.

This is an exciting opportunity, and I urge you to call me at (360) 984-9847. If you think it sounds like a good match for you email or text works too! Fill out the contact form here: GET MORE INFO ON THE LEASE WITH THE RIGHT TO PURCHASE to be redirected and start browsing for houses.